Welcome to 2017-18 Season!!

1 – Team policy’s winner was resolution #1 – Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reform its transportation policy.

2 – Demonstration Speech was the winner as our next Wild Card event, replacing Monologue – Cold Reading will remain for one more season.

3 – We are having a pot luck/swim /2016-17 debate evidence burning party after the last day of workshops (July 29th) at Angela Childress’s house. More details as we get closer but put it on your calendar to spend the evening with us – about 5:30-9 ish

4 – Considering debate?  You will not find a better price on Monument Membership (required for debate students) and they begin to release debate information July 3d, so sign up today:                  $99   $59 per year Membership             On sale through August 2017      https://monumentmembers.com/

WEEKLY DOWNLOADS • ALL EVENTS • ALL YEAR Monument Members enjoy weekly releases every Monday morning through the end of the school year, all meant to prepare for competitions. Hopefully all the way through Nationals!

5 – Important dates– start of 2017-18 season (more details to come, but wanted you to have the dates)

Aug 17th Debate Resolution & Intro

Aug 18th Split day for all NEW SOAR students

Aug 25th ALL SOAR and Parents meeting

Sept 1st – Debate Day                     Sept 8th  – Speech Day                    then alternating throughout fall – we will have a syllabus ready when club begins

JAN 24-27 – Arkansas Diamond our local tournament, block those days out on your calendar now –you WILL be busy  (FYI for returning families, there are NO plans for a NLR tournament this year)



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